Study information: Young Adults Recently Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia affects some 2.4 million adults in this country.

Fewer than 4% of those individuals become symptom-free, even with optimal treatment. The illness strikes when young adults are leaving their families for college, careers or training programs, and starting their own lives. As with most serious illness, the initial diagnosis may be overwhelming to the young adult and his or her family. Symptoms of hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia may create barriers for the very ill young adult to even accept treatment. Social withdrawal and disengagement from family often create obstacles for those families to provide care for their loved ones. These symptoms frequently bring young adults back into their families’ care, just at the point when they should be leaving the nest. The only way to improve the outcomes for these seriously ill patients is through research.

You can learn more about schizophrenia here.

The study, sponsored by Janssen Scientific, will compare and evaluate the effectiveness of existing medications in people who have recently begun experiencing psychosis.

The study medications are drugs that affect neurotransmitters – chemicals that allow nerve cells to interact with each other – in the brain.

How is the study conducted?

Participants will come to Finger Lakes Clinical Research (at Twelve Corners in Brighton) every one to three months for a period of 20 months, while taking the study medication.

The final visit at the end of the study will be for follow-up and health checks.

There is no cost to the participant and no insurance is required. Study participants are paid a stipend at each visit, for their time and travel.

Dr. Sarah Atkinson is the principal investigator (PI) for this study. She is a board certified psychiatrist with over twenty years’ experience in the field of central nervous system disorders.

Please see the study information brochure for more detailed information on the study process.

Do you qualify for this study?

Every clinical study requires that participants meet certain criteria; the information booklet gives some basic qualification guidelines for this study. Dr. Atkinson will need to see prospective participants to make a medical determination as to whether they are able to participate in the study, but you can get a preliminary idea by answering three questions:

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