Saleem Ismail, MD

Saleem Ismail, MD

Saleem Ismail, MD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Saleem Ismail is a principal Investigator at Finger Lakes Clinical Research a Evolution group portfolio company in Rochester New York. He is a board certified Psychiatrist with added qualifications in Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychosomatic medicine from American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. After completing Fellowship at University of Rochester, he joined URMC program in neurobehavioral therapeutics where he conducted clinical trials in patients with memory disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. He also served as Associate professor of Psychiatry, Director of consultation Liaison Psychiatry at Monroe Community hospital and Associate director of memory disorders program. In recent years he has been associated with Rochester Regional Health System providing mental health care at Genesee mental Health Center and Monroe County Corrections. He is also a consultant for area nursing homes. He has been an investigator for almost 100 clinical trials in various neuropsychiatric disorders and has provided research reviews and supervision. He has published several peer reviewed articles and book chapters.



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Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by recurring and unexpected episodes of intense fear, known as panic attacks.